Chad Ochocinco does charity

In a situation that could only involve Chad Ochocinco, a recent cereal fundraiser for ‘Feed the Children’ has taken an interesting turn.

From ESPN, “Charity-minded callers are getting intercepted by a sex phone line because of a misprint on Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocincos namesake cereal boxes.  The phone number is supposed to connect callers to Feed the Children, which benefits from sales of “Ochocinco’s”. But because the box has the wrong toll-free prefix, they get a seductive-sounding woman who makes risque suggestions and then asks for a credit card number.”

I know that this shouldn’t be funny.  It’s an athlete trying to do some nice work for his community by having his own cereal.  But come on, how can you not just laugh a little bit at this?  This could ONLY happen to Ochocinco.  Also, this creates a new story.  Which fan will be the first to use this picture as part of a sign at the next Bengals away game?


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